Workmans Comp

If you’ve recently suffered from a work injury and want to try holistic chiropractic care with your workmans comp, Dr. James Stein, located in Norristown, PA can help provide relief from neck, back, and head pain as well as recovery from vertigo, migraines, sciatica, head injuries, concussions, neuropathy, and many other common work-injury related issues. The practice has been around since 1996 and has treated hundreds of patients that have been hurt on the job. When you need expert pain relief quickly, there are many reasons to consider chiropractic care.

Can I Use Holistic Care When I’ve Been Hurt on the Job?

Many patients respond very positively to holistic chiropractic care. If you’ve been prescribed pain meds, augmenting your treatment with chiropractic care can make an enormous difference in your recovery experience and often shorten its duration.

Treatments are tailored to your specific injury and may include:

  • Highly personalized x-rays and adjustments.
  • Motion sensing, and intelligent adjusting instruments along with traditional diversified hands-on adjustments.
  • Unique percussive massagers that clear muscle tightness up to 8mm.
  • Functional nutrition programs and testing with affordable food recommendations and plans.
  • Use of a spinal decompression disc table for herniated discs.

Can My Pain be Treated Without Opioid Medication?

While not all pain can be treated without pain medication, the use of opioids can often be reduced. This is another important reason to consider holistic care for your injuries. Opioids have caused addiction in many patients seeking only to reduce pain after a work-related injury. And though they are often covered under workmans comp, there are alternatives for recovery that can help you minimize their use or perhaps not have to use them at all. By scheduling an initial assessment, you'll know the best plan for the treatment of your injuries. 

Call Dr. Stein, a board-certified specialist, for your workmans comp claims so that you can feel better sooner rather than later.  If you reside in or near Norristown, PA, the number to dial is 610-630-9800.

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