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Your spine is vital to your health and well-being – its misalignment can lead to a number of related health problems ranging from constant headaches to chronic spinal decay.

Here are some of the common symptoms often corrected by Atlas re-alignment.

Migraines/Headaches • Pinched Nerve(s) • Neck and Shoulder Pain • Herniated Discs • Muscle Spasms • Lower back Pain • Sciatica • Digestive Problems • Irritability • TMJ • Facial Neuralgias Extremity Pains • High Blood Pressure and Hypertension … to name a few.


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The Atlas Vertebra

Many years of clinical research points to the fact that many of the problems associated with spinal misalignment and its consequences can be associated with the atlas vertebra, the top cervical bone in the neck.

Causes of Atlas Misalignment

The atlas supports the weight of the head most efficiently in the orthogonal, or neutral position. Atlas orthogonal is an engineering term referring to the position of the atlas being 90 degrees to the head and neck.

Trauma in one form or another is the primary cause of misalignment. When the atlas vertebra is subjected to stresses and strains, it may be pushed out of proper alignment.

How Atlas Misalignment Affects Your Health and Disrupts Normal Functioning of the Nervous System

Once the atlas is moved out of its orthogonal position the body tries to compensate to maintain its center of gravity. It does this by keeping the head directly over the center of the feet. However to maintain the level position of the head the rest of the spine adapts and is thrown out of alignment.

How it Works

The 10 Second Atlas Solution – For People Tired of Being Sick and Tired
An atlas orthogonist treats this condition through a system of examination and diagnosis that utilizes a detailed scientific and biomechanical protocol. Precise measurements of the angle of the atlas are the basis of the treatments.

The first step of the diagnosis is to determine the degree in which the atlas is misaligned. Very precise x-rays are taken which show the doctor exactly how the atlas is displaced. The laser aligned high frequency x-rays taken are invaluable in making the most precise atlas correction which is as unique to the patient as their own fingerprint.

Following the diagnosis a specific treatment protocol is developed to align the atlas into the correct neutral/orthogonal position. The greater majority of patients experience instant relief the moment the correction happens. Starting the road to health recovery!

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