I have suffered with TMJ and back pain for over 25 years. I have seen every doctor available with no improvements. Since I've started Atlas Orthogonal adjustments I've been virtually pain free and am able to be physically active again. It has changed my life completely.

–Scott B.

Dr. Stein is a brilliant man and has a good grasp on what he's doing. 

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- Ryan H.

After four car accidents, each one resulting in whiplash and back problems and constant headaches, one visit a month is all it takes to keep me going.

– Jodi B.

I have had problems with headaches and back pain for over ten years. I started getting Atlas Orthogonal adjustments about five years ago and my headaches are almost completely gone.

– Amy E.

I finally found pain relief after just a few Atlas Orthogonal treatments with Dr. Stein. I had tried for 10 years to resolve pain and fatigue after breast cancer treatment and a car accident. The combination of modalities (muscle testing, cold laser, magnets, supplements) has finally brought me back to my energetic self.

– M. Stewart

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I am really lucky to have found this chiropractor.

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- Sam R.

I have had problems with my back for many years, and have run gamut with medications and even a course of steroid shots administered directly to my back. The last time I threw my back out and could not even stand straight (my hip higher than other), my aunt told me about Dr. Stein and his amazing technique for healing. After the first visit to Dr. Stein I felt immediate relief. I was able to move without continuous pain. Dr. Stein incorporates the entire body in his healing process. I have more energy than I've had in 15 years. Not only has Dr. Stein straightened my spine, but his approach has made my entire being healthier. I highly recommend Dr. Stein and his treatment to everyone. Also, he and his entire staff have demonstrated a level of customer care rarely experienced. I am extremely grateful to have found his office.

– Wendy F.

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