Auto Injury

Auto Injury

If you were in a car crash and did a search that led you to Lifeline Chiropractic, you’re probably concerned about what may have happened to your body. Such concerns are reasonable; though you may not feel symptoms or don’t recognize their origin, seemingly minor displacements can contribute to long-term problems. But even if you are experiencing symptoms such as shocks or dizziness, that doesn’t mean you need to resort to drugs or surgery to feel well. At Dr. James Stein’s chiropractic office in Norristown, we specialize in non-invasive treatments for conditions in the cervical spine. Our board-certified chiropractic health professionals are dedicated to helping patients regain as much function as possible, as quickly as possible, through the treatment of neck and back injuries in a holistic manner.

Car crashes can cause a variety of musculoskeletal damage, but the most common injury and the one people are often the most worried about is whiplash. When the neck is stretched too far, fraying in its soft tissues causes them to become inflamed. Besides causing localized soreness and stiffness, this pressure can also impinge nerves leading to the arms and into the head. But some people’s symptoms go beyond that and include blurred vision, balance problems, fatigue, and sleep disruptions. While other practitioners might dismiss these symptoms or hope they’ll go away in the course of regular treatment, at Lifeline Chiropractic, we offer complementary services meant to address the interplay between neck vertebrae and the brainstem. Dr. Stein is certified in Atlas Orthogonal headache relief, meaning that he can adjust the topmost vertebra to relieve pressure on the brainstem and vertebral artery and restore the efficient balance of the head on the spinal column.

Of course, auto injuries can also include problems related to lower back and shoulder pain, among others. Our Norristown office provides treatment for the musculoskeletal system as a whole, including the diagnosis and treatment of herniated discs and misalignment in the upper limbs. Dr. Stein highly values continuing education and utilizes new technologies, including digital x-rays for accurate diagnoses, biofeedback laser acupuncture to reduce inflammation, and low level laser therapy to promote circulation. In addition to chiropractic adjustments for subluxated vertebrae and slipped discs, we offer deep tissue massage and spinal decompression. But Lifeline Chiropractic’s dedication to sustainable health doesn’t end with alleviating symptoms. We coach patients in posture improvements, therapeutic exercises, and functional nutrition that will allow them to recover stronger than they were prior to their accident. Rather than being more vulnerable to injury in the future, we help ensure our patients will be more resilient and prevent long-term pain at its source.

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